Temporary HVAC Rentals - Industries and Applications

We help people in different industries maintain their environments and satisfy temporary cooling and heating needs.Our equipment serves during HVAC system breakdowns, maintenance or for special projects and events.

  • Special Events

    Your guests’ comfort is a top priority, we provide equipment for all weather and seasons.

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  • Movie Set Film Productions

    In the studio and on location - All the services and products you need for your production.

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  • 50 Ton Air Conditioner Rental for Construction Project

    Construction Projects

    From big to small construction and renovation projects we keep the environment safe & optimized.

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  • Portable Air Conditioner for Healthcare Office

    Hospitals, Labs & Healthcare Offices

    Clean, steady indoor climates for patient and reception areas.

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  • Industrial, Production & Warehouse Facilities

    Keep your facility safe & temperature controlled

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  • Telecommunications, Server & Computer Rooms

    Keep your Networking closets, Server Rooms and computer gear cooled correctly.

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  • Government & Manicipalities

    Maintenance, Planned Projects, Emergency Events, & Technical Assistance

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  • Remediation & Restoration

    Drying, Dehumidification, and more!

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  • Other Applications

    Air is Everywhere - We create the environment for you.

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Portable Air Conditioners

Cooling equipment for you anywhere anytime

1 - 25 tons