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Established 1989 in Pittsburgh, PA

Air Conditioner Rental and Leasing Inc. is located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Established with the goal to help beat the heat. We have been providing mobile and portable equipment rentals and services for more than three decades. Today our company has a full fleet of air conditioning, heating, and power units to suit your projects. With our diverse resources we provide the equipment catered just right to your BTU and technical requirements. Suitable for any location or site. "Cool Air Anywhere" is our trademark and ambition.

Downtime for equipment in production facilities, commercial spaces, equipment spaces can be costly. We are here to provide our clients efficient solutions to managing and mitigating air quality hazards and risks. Proven by our many satisfied returning customers, using our on call services during HVAC repairs and scheduled maintenance is in your best interest. We handle your emergencies fast!

Our rental packages include everything necessary to get the comfort flowing. This includes logistics, power distribution, air management equipment, supporting equipment and operations.

Our Special Event Services are valued by all who plan ahead for their private or corporate gatherings. Tented events, events in non-air conditioned buildings and sanctuaries in the hot summer months could be disastrous. Our full service packages are designed to give the event planners a peace of mind and ability to provide a pleasant environment for your guests. personell and equipment.

We started by specializing in services for the Large Film Industry and offer professional cooling and heating for productions shot in and around Western Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia.

Emergency Commercial Air Conditioning

Frequently Asked Questions:

Can I cool my space?

More than likely, Yes.

How much does it cost?

This all depends on your situation! Our friendly customer relations staff is ready to help you navigate the logistics process today.

Questions we'll ask to determine cost:

  • Where
  • When
  • How big of a space
  • How many people
  • Duration of project

What is your service range?

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How soon can I get my solution delivered & installed?

This all depends on the scope of work.

You can benefit from our urgent&emergency operations available 24/7.

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Full Service Coolong for Special Events

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