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45 KVA Ultrasilent Diesel Generator

45 KVA Ultrasilent Diesel Generator

45 KVA Trailer Mounted Towable Diesel Generator 

1 Ø : 240V/120V - Output 4.8 Kw (2.4 kW x 2)

3 Ø :
240V/139V- Voltages available: 208V/220V/240V
480V/277V- Voltages available: 416V  / 440V  / 480V 
240 or 480V -Star with Neutral - Standby Output 49.5 kVA (39.6 kW) / Prime Output: 45 kVA (36 KW)
240 or 120V- Zigzag- Standby Output: 28.6 KW/ Prime Output: 26 KW-

Output Terminal Panel:
-Three 120/240V output receptacles (CS-6369), 50A
-Three auxiliary circuit breakers, 50A
-Two 120V output receptacles (GFCI), 20A
-Two GFCI circuit breakers, 20A
-Five output terminal lugs (3Ø power)

Generator Control Panel:
-Frequency Meter (Hz)
-AC Ammeter (Amps)
-AC Voltmeter (Volts)
-Ammeter Change-Over Switch
-Voltmeter Change-Over Switch
-Voltage Regulator
-3-Pole, 110 amp Main Circuit Breaker
Control Box (located behind the Gen. Control Panel)
• Automatic Voltage Regulator
• Current Transformer
• Over-Current Relay
• Starter Relay
• Voltage Selector Switch

Fuel Consumption:
Star with Neutral: 2.7 gal. (10.4 L)/hr at full load/ 1.5 gal. (5.6 L)/hr at 1/2 load
Zigzag: 2.1 gal. (8.0 L)/hr at 3/4 load /  0.9 gal. (3.4 L)/hr at 1/4 load


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